Division takes point again

March 24, Harrisburg.  Once again Cumberland 2 the General William Thompson of the AOH has stepped forward to put the name of the AOH out there, and provide support in any way it can to forward and preserve Irish american history and gaelic culture.

The Harrisburg Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was scheduled for March 24th, with opening ceremonies at 8:30. These ceremonies were scheduled to honor Tom and Romayne McGinnis Grand marshals for this year’s parade, and also to pay respects to their son Spc. Ross McGinnis Medal of Honor recipient.

(R) Tom Kane, President of Cumberland 2, and John Dymond future Associate member of the division (third from right)act as honor guard on capitol hill. Photo by future Associate member Dave Thomas.

Division President acted as Officer in Charge of the honor guard, while Division Recording Secretary Bill irwin performed duties as master of ceremonies.  However other members of the division participated as well.  They included John Dymond in the honor guard, Dylan Thomas as music director and Dave Thomas as official photographer.

After the emotional ceremony, the honor guard consisting of Kane, Irwin and Jim Jones travelled to Saint Patrick’s  cathederal where Mass was celebrated by Bishop Joseph McFadden, and the Honor Guard acted as dual role leading in the procession and acting as honor guard to the Bishop on exit procession.

Dylan Thomas, Sue Thomas, Dave Thomas and little brother Jason Thomas (and Possible FUTURE Division member, ok 10 years from now) at the scholarship presentation

Finally after all this future Associate Dylan Thomas was presented with the Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District’s parade Scholarship of $500 at a ceremony in the Keystone Building. This event was also attended by PA Lt Gov and fellow Hibernian Jim Cawley.

Recording Secretary Bill Irwin and Lt Gov Jim Cawley at the Scholarship presentation. Photo by Dave Thomas.

In spite of the rain (a typical soft weather day in Ireland),and cancellation of the parade the division declared the day’s events a success, with the support provided and attendance at Mass.

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