A Note from the President

The Next Greatest Generation?


By Thomas Kane; President Cumberland 2 General William Thompson Division           

The media has said with glee this week that 70% of Americans now believe in abortion on demand.  Aside from the usual questioning of their statistics… Since when does that make something clearly wrong … right?  It sort of reminds me of the glee and celebration of Adolph Hitler after most of Europe had fallen to him and his campaign and reign of terror seemed unstoppable; millions of Jews and those who resisted him perished while much of the world stood by and watch afraid to challenge the master race and their holocaust.   Many said the Germans and others endorsed this behavior.  The weak would not stand against the evil that was before them.

            It was then that what another media man called the “greatest generation”, stood up and said not so fast Adolph and stopped him, his war machine and butchery in its tracks.  It was then it was said “They kill women and children”… “Tell that to the Marines”.  It was at that point, that the world said we will not tolerate the killing of innocent people by a mad man. 

            We now face a similar point in our history as a nation.  We either become a nation which tolerates such injustices or stand to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  The United States has never fought or taken action based upon the odds or what people said they wanted or felt was right.  We as a Nation had a moral compass and we stood for what we knew was right.  Where is that moral compass facing now? 

            Where is the next “greatest generation”?  When will we stand up to what is obviously wrong and evil.  There is a “choice”; to sit back and do nothing or stand up and say that the killing of the innocence is wrong and always will be and we will not support it or encourage it any longer.  The simple choice of life or death.  Call it what it is …a national disgrace and the murder of children.

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