Irish saints for July

July 1 Saint Cuimmein of Nendrum July 2,Saint Ternoc of Cluain-Mór, July 3,Saint Cilline Droicteach of Iona July 4,Saint Finbarr of Inis Doimhle July 5,Saint Etain of Tuama noadh July 6,Saint Moninne of Killeevy July 7,Saint Maelruain of Tallaght/Saint Crone of Templecrone July 8,Saint Killian of Würzburg July 9,Saint Condmac of Átha Silain July 10,Saint Etto of Dompierre July 11,Saint Failbhe of Disert Mic-Conlocha July 12,Saint Nazair of Liethmore July 13,Saint Mosiloc of Cloonatten July 14,Saint Id of Aghade July 15,Saint Comman, son of Diomma July 16,Saint Scoth of Cluain Mór Moescna July 17,Saint Craebhnat of Cleno July 18,Saint Cobhthach, … Continue reading

Irish Saints for February

FEBRUARY -1- Brigid -2- Colman, Fionnach -3- Colman, Caoilfhionn, Conna, Faoileann -4- Loman, Ciarán -5- Fínín (Fineen), Dufach, Liadhnán (Leannan), Ceara -6- Colm, Macha, Mel, Ríofach -7- Aodh, Meallán, Colman, Fintan, Loman, Lonan, Tressan -8- Colman, Fiachra, Fáilbhe, Ceara -9- Ronan, Colman, Caíreach, Ríonach -10- Dearlú, Siollán -11- Fionán Gobnat Dubhán -12- Siadhal, Fionán, Comyn, Cronan, Aodhán, Farannán, Lughaidh, Damhán -13- Conan, Fionán, Cúachnait -14- Manchín (Mannix), Manchán, Fínneachta -15- Bearach, Fergus -16- Aodh, Aengus -17- Fintan, Cormac -18- Aengus, Colman -19- Feichín, Odhrán -20- Cronan -21- Fintan, Colman, Cronan -22- Feichín -23- Eirnín -24- Comyn, Ciarán -25- Cianán -26- … Continue reading

A Note from the President

The Next Greatest Generation?   By Thomas Kane; President Cumberland 2 General William Thompson Division            The media has said with glee this week that 70% of Americans now believe in abortion on demand.  Aside from the usual questioning of their statistics… Since when does that make something clearly wrong … right?  It sort of reminds me of the glee and celebration of Adolph Hitler after most of Europe had fallen to him and his campaign and reign of terror seemed unstoppable; millions of Jews and those who resisted him perished while much of the world stood by and watch afraid … Continue reading