Irish Saints for March

MARCH -1- Senan, Colm, Baodán -2- Lughaidh, Conall, Cuan, Finnian, Sléibhín -3- Conall, Killian, Fachtna -4- – -5- Ciarán, Carthach -6- Cairbre, Brigid, Odhrán, Muadhán -7- – -8- Seanán, Ciarán, Cronan, Siadha,l Conan, Beoaodh Mochonna -9- Brigid, Lughaidh, Proinnseas, Séadna -10- Séadna, Colman, Fáilbhe, Kessog -11- Aonghas -12- Killian, Daghán -13- Mochamhóg -14- Flannan, Ultan, Caomhán -15- Eoghan -16- Fionán, Aodhán, Bairfhionn (Barrion), Abbán -17- Patrick, Becan, Faoiltiarn, Tiarnach -18- Conall, Comyn, Maodhóg, Caomhán, Tommán -19- Lachtín -20- Aodhán, Conan Fergus -21- Éanna -22- Fáilbhe -23- Fergus, Mannix, Ciannait -24- Lughaidh, Manchán, Mochta -25- Caimín, Colm -26- Carthach, Cormac, Garbhán, … Continue reading

Declaration from the Holy Father

DECLARATIO       Dear Brothers,   I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but also to communicate to you a decision of great importance for the life of the Church. After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.  I am well aware that this ministry, due to its essential spiritual nature, must be carried out not only with words and deeds, but no less with prayer and … Continue reading

Irish Saints for February

FEBRUARY -1- Brigid -2- Colman, Fionnach -3- Colman, Caoilfhionn, Conna, Faoileann -4- Loman, Ciarán -5- Fínín (Fineen), Dufach, Liadhnán (Leannan), Ceara -6- Colm, Macha, Mel, Ríofach -7- Aodh, Meallán, Colman, Fintan, Loman, Lonan, Tressan -8- Colman, Fiachra, Fáilbhe, Ceara -9- Ronan, Colman, Caíreach, Ríonach -10- Dearlú, Siollán -11- Fionán Gobnat Dubhán -12- Siadhal, Fionán, Comyn, Cronan, Aodhán, Farannán, Lughaidh, Damhán -13- Conan, Fionán, Cúachnait -14- Manchín (Mannix), Manchán, Fínneachta -15- Bearach, Fergus -16- Aodh, Aengus -17- Fintan, Cormac -18- Aengus, Colman -19- Feichín, Odhrán -20- Cronan -21- Fintan, Colman, Cronan -22- Feichín -23- Eirnín -24- Comyn, Ciarán -25- Cianán -26- … Continue reading

A Blessed Saint Brigid’s Day to you

  A blessed Brigid’s Day to you! The Feast of St. Brigid of Kildare, the beloved Irish saint. Born in the middle of the 5th century, Brigid became a powerful leader of the early church in Ireland. She established a number of monastic communities around Ireland, the most famous of which was the double monastery (including both women and men) of Cill Dara (“The Church of the Oak”), now known as Kildare.   May the power of Brigid inspire you, the grace of Brigid attend you, the flame of Brigid enliven you, the story of Brigid engage you.   May … Continue reading

A Note from the President

The Next Greatest Generation?   By Thomas Kane; President Cumberland 2 General William Thompson Division            The media has said with glee this week that 70% of Americans now believe in abortion on demand.  Aside from the usual questioning of their statistics… Since when does that make something clearly wrong … right?  It sort of reminds me of the glee and celebration of Adolph Hitler after most of Europe had fallen to him and his campaign and reign of terror seemed unstoppable; millions of Jews and those who resisted him perished while much of the world stood by and watch afraid … Continue reading