Our Lady of Knock-August 17

In one month, The Feast of Our Lady of Knock will be celebrated on August 17. (with the actual visitation Occuring on August 21). We invite you to join with us as we celebrate our Catholic-Irish heritage and our love of the Blessed Mother. August 17, 2014 11:30 Mass at the Saint Elanor Regina Chapel (the Chapel in the woods) Directions from Saint Patrick Church on Marsh Drive: 1. Turn right out of Marsh Drive, heading south on Holly Pike. Continue to follow PA-34 for 7.3 miles. 2. Once through Mount Holly and reach the Ahlstrom factory, make sure you … Continue reading

Irish saints for July

July 1 Saint Cuimmein of Nendrum July 2,Saint Ternoc of Cluain-Mór, July 3,Saint Cilline Droicteach of Iona July 4,Saint Finbarr of Inis Doimhle July 5,Saint Etain of Tuama noadh July 6,Saint Moninne of Killeevy July 7,Saint Maelruain of Tallaght/Saint Crone of Templecrone July 8,Saint Killian of Würzburg July 9,Saint Condmac of Átha Silain July 10,Saint Etto of Dompierre July 11,Saint Failbhe of Disert Mic-Conlocha July 12,Saint Nazair of Liethmore July 13,Saint Mosiloc of Cloonatten July 14,Saint Id of Aghade July 15,Saint Comman, son of Diomma July 16,Saint Scoth of Cluain Mór Moescna July 17,Saint Craebhnat of Cleno July 18,Saint Cobhthach, … Continue reading

Irish Saints for June

        Irish Saints of June June 1Saint Cronan of Lismore    June 2Saint Aldegisius of Hannonia    June 3Saint Affine of Kilaffan    June 4Saint Ernin of Cluain    June 5Saint Eoban of Utrecht    June 6Saint Cocca of Kilcock    June 7Saint Colman of Dromore    June 8Saint Luathrenna of Kill Luathrenn    June 9Saint Colum Cille of Iona    June 10Saint Illadan of Rathlihen    June 11Saint Riagail of Bangor    June 12Saint Cunera    June 13Saint Mac Nissi of Clonmacnoise    June 14Saint Nem of Aran    June 15Saint Beoc of Wexford    June … Continue reading

Parade kicked off

Despite the weather the Harrisburg Saint Patrick’s Day Parade kicked off at 2:00 and was considered a success.  The General William Thompson Division provided the honor guard for the 1st division, the Irish and AOH division for the parade, photo coverege of the event was provided by our Associate member, Dave Thomas.   Perhaps even more important was the celebration of the Mass at 10:00 at Saint Lawrence Chapel, celebrated by Father Clark with Jacquie Turk providing her rendition of “Our Lady of Knock”.  Father commented how people come to this Mass just to hear her sing.   The Division … Continue reading

Irish Saints for March

MARCH -1- Senan, Colm, Baodán -2- Lughaidh, Conall, Cuan, Finnian, Sléibhín -3- Conall, Killian, Fachtna -4- – -5- Ciarán, Carthach -6- Cairbre, Brigid, Odhrán, Muadhán -7- – -8- Seanán, Ciarán, Cronan, Siadha,l Conan, Beoaodh Mochonna -9- Brigid, Lughaidh, Proinnseas, Séadna -10- Séadna, Colman, Fáilbhe, Kessog -11- Aonghas -12- Killian, Daghán -13- Mochamhóg -14- Flannan, Ultan, Caomhán -15- Eoghan -16- Fionán, Aodhán, Bairfhionn (Barrion), Abbán -17- Patrick, Becan, Faoiltiarn, Tiarnach -18- Conall, Comyn, Maodhóg, Caomhán, Tommán -19- Lachtín -20- Aodhán, Conan Fergus -21- Éanna -22- Fáilbhe -23- Fergus, Mannix, Ciannait -24- Lughaidh, Manchán, Mochta -25- Caimín, Colm -26- Carthach, Cormac, Garbhán, … Continue reading