Irish Saints for February

FEBRUARY -1- Brigid -2- Colman, Fionnach -3- Colman, Caoilfhionn, Conna, Faoileann -4- Loman, Ciarán -5- Fínín (Fineen), Dufach, Liadhnán (Leannan), Ceara -6- Colm, Macha, Mel, Ríofach -7- Aodh, Meallán, Colman, Fintan, Loman, Lonan, Tressan -8- Colman, Fiachra, Fáilbhe, Ceara -9- Ronan, Colman, Caíreach, Ríonach -10- Dearlú, Siollán -11- Fionán Gobnat Dubhán -12- Siadhal, Fionán, Comyn, Cronan, Aodhán, Farannán, Lughaidh, Damhán -13- Conan, Fionán, Cúachnait -14- Manchín (Mannix), Manchán, Fínneachta -15- Bearach, Fergus -16- Aodh, Aengus -17- Fintan, Cormac -18- Aengus, Colman -19- Feichín, Odhrán -20- Cronan -21- Fintan, Colman, Cronan -22- Feichín -23- Eirnín -24- Comyn, Ciarán -25- Cianán -26- … Continue reading

A Blessed Saint Brigid’s Day to you

  A blessed Brigid’s Day to you! The Feast of St. Brigid of Kildare, the beloved Irish saint. Born in the middle of the 5th century, Brigid became a powerful leader of the early church in Ireland. She established a number of monastic communities around Ireland, the most famous of which was the double monastery (including both women and men) of Cill Dara (“The Church of the Oak”), now known as Kildare.   May the power of Brigid inspire you, the grace of Brigid attend you, the flame of Brigid enliven you, the story of Brigid engage you.   May … Continue reading

List of Irish Saints in December

Here is the calendar of Irish Saints by feast day. Anglicizations (where applicable) are in parentheses following the Irish version. For information on the origins and meanings of these names, see the alphabetical list . For more information on the saints themselves, visit’s online Irish Saint database.  Keep in mind that many of these saints lived in the earliest years of Christianity– (i.e., St. Patrick lived from 387-461 a.d.) and there isn’t much in the way of written records surviving about them. If you don’t find any information about a saint you’re looking for; don’t be discouraged, there just … Continue reading

Remember to pray for those departed.

Often overshadowed by the two days preceding it, Halloween (October 31) and All Saints Day (November 1), All Souls Day is a solemn feast in the Roman Catholic Church commemorating all of those who have died and now are in Purgatory, being cleansed of their venial sins and the temporal punishments for the mortal sins that they had confessed and atoning before entering fully into Heaven. The importance of All Souls Day was made clear by Pope Benedict XV (1914-22), when he granted all priests the privilege of celebrating three Masses on All Souls Day: one, for the faithful departed; one for … Continue reading

Irish Saints for November

NOVEMBER -1- Cairbre, Lonán, Cronan, Breandán (Brendan), Aodh -2- Aodhán (Aidan), Lughaidh, Caoimhe (Keeva), Earc -3- Brughach -4- -5- Colmán, Flannán, Faolán -6- Aodhán (Aidan), Cronan, Colmán, Fionntán (Fintan) -7- -8- Colm, Fionnchán -9- Aodhnait, Beineón, Fionntán (Fintan), Sárnait -10- Aodh, Comyn, Fearghus (Fergus, Ciarán (Kieran), Osnait, Aodhnait (Enat) -11- Cairbre, Dubhán, Cronan -12- Comyn, Lonán, Mainchín (Mannix), Eirnín -13- Eirnín, Odharnait (Orna), Colm, Caillín, Faoileann -14- Colmán, Lorcan -15- -16- Fionntán (Fintan), Ciar (Keera) -17- Aonghas (Aengas) -18- Rónán, Beoeodh, Míonait -19- -20- Fraochán -21- Garbhán (Garvan), Comyn, Aodhán (Aidan), Colmán -22- Ultan, Meadhbh (Maeve), Éimhín -23- -24- Colmán, … Continue reading