List of Irish Saints in December

Here is the calendar of Irish Saints by feast day. Anglicizations (where applicable) are in parentheses following the Irish version. For information on the origins and meanings of these names, see the alphabetical list . For more information on the saints themselves, visit’s online Irish Saint database.  Keep in mind that many of these saints lived in the earliest years of Christianity– (i.e., St. Patrick lived from 387-461 a.d.) and there isn’t much in the way of written records surviving about them. If you don’t find any information about a saint you’re looking for; don’t be discouraged, there just … Continue reading

Irish Saints for November

NOVEMBER -1- Cairbre, Lonán, Cronan, Breandán (Brendan), Aodh -2- Aodhán (Aidan), Lughaidh, Caoimhe (Keeva), Earc -3- Brughach -4- -5- Colmán, Flannán, Faolán -6- Aodhán (Aidan), Cronan, Colmán, Fionntán (Fintan) -7- -8- Colm, Fionnchán -9- Aodhnait, Beineón, Fionntán (Fintan), Sárnait -10- Aodh, Comyn, Fearghus (Fergus, Ciarán (Kieran), Osnait, Aodhnait (Enat) -11- Cairbre, Dubhán, Cronan -12- Comyn, Lonán, Mainchín (Mannix), Eirnín -13- Eirnín, Odharnait (Orna), Colm, Caillín, Faoileann -14- Colmán, Lorcan -15- -16- Fionntán (Fintan), Ciar (Keera) -17- Aonghas (Aengas) -18- Rónán, Beoeodh, Míonait -19- -20- Fraochán -21- Garbhán (Garvan), Comyn, Aodhán (Aidan), Colmán -22- Ultan, Meadhbh (Maeve), Éimhín -23- -24- Colmán, … Continue reading

District III Hibernian of the Year Dinner

District III Hibernian of the Year Dinner and Christmas Party – Hosted by Bobby Sands Division 1  Saturday, December 1, 2012  AT  Knights of Columbus 145 Peach Street, Harrisburg, PA 17112  We welcome all AOH and LAOH divisions in our district to attend and present your award.  Anyone outside of District III is also welcome to join us — the more the merrier.  If you will be presenting an award please let Tim Carley know; we look forward to a fantastic night!  ·         Cocktail hour will begin at 6:30 P.M. and dinner will be served at 7:30 P.M. The Hibernian … Continue reading