Our Lady of Knock-August 17


In one month, The Feast of Our Lady of Knock will be celebrated on August 17. (with the actual visitation Occuring on August 21). We invite you to join with us as we celebrate our Catholic-Irish heritage and our love of the Blessed Mother. August 17, 2014 11:30 Mass at the Saint Elanor Regina Chapel (the Chapel in the woods)


Directions from Saint Patrick Church on Marsh Drive:

1. Turn right out of Marsh Drive, heading south on Holly Pike. Continue to follow PA-34 for 7.3 miles.
2. Once through Mount Holly and reach the Ahlstrom factory, make sure you keep right and don’t go up the hill. Follow the signs for PA-34.
3. Make a slight right onto Green Mountain road for 0.7 miles.
4. Head forward onto Pine Grove Road. Follow for 6.7 miles.
5. Turn right onto PA-233/Centerville Road for 1.1 miles.
6. Saint Eleanor Regina Chapel is on the left. Be sure to turn in BEFORE you see the large white sign.