Christmas Angel

christmas-decorationThe Ancient Order of Hibernians would like to introduce a new program/service that will benefit the old, infirmed and the young. It is our intent to solicit folks from these categories to participate in the project. While delivering Holy Communion to the home bound last Christmas, I heard a common lamentation, “I used to put up a Nativity and some decorations, but I am too old or sick now and it would be too difficult. I really miss having them around though. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.” If some capable young people of the Parish and a capable adult (a parent or guardian) with the aid of members of the AOH and other parish ministries, would set up some Christmas decorations for these folks? They have the decorations and we are not talking about trimming a house with lights, just a few decorations that would make them feel more a part of the season. I need to start building a list now, so we can get this done before Christmas. If there are elderly or sick who need help, please contact me. If there are some youngsters and their parents or guardians willing to help, please contact me. It is a chance to spread the true meaning of Christmas and do something that will make you feel good during this season.      -Tom

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