Parade kicked off

Gen. Wm. Thompson Honor Guard leads the AOH/Irish Division of the 2013 Saint Patrick's Day in Harrisburg PHOTO by DAVE THOMAS
Despite the weather the Harrisburg Saint Patrick’s Day Parade kicked off at 2:00 and was considered a success.  The General William Thompson Division provided the honor guard for the 1st division, the Irish and AOH division for the parade, photo coverege of the event was provided by our Associate member, Dave Thomas.
Perhaps even more important was the celebration of the Mass at 10:00 at Saint Lawrence Chapel, celebrated by Father Clark with Jacquie Turk providing her rendition of “Our Lady of Knock”.  Father commented how people come to this Mass just to hear her sing.
The Division Honor Guard four strong provided escort for the Mass Celebrants in the chapel.
The perfect way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.  Giving thanks and praise.

List of Irish Saints in December

Here is the calendar of Irish Saints by feast day. Anglicizations (where applicable) are in parentheses following the Irish version. For information on the origins and meanings of these names, see the alphabetical list . For more information on the saints themselves, visit’s online Irish Saint database.  Keep in mind that many of these saints lived in the earliest years of Christianity– (i.e., St. Patrick lived from 387-461 a.d.) and there isn’t much in the way of written records surviving about them. If you don’t find any information about a saint you’re looking for; don’t be discouraged, there just may be no surviving information out there.




-1- Nuadha, Neasán, Breandán (Brendan)


-2- Mainchín (Mannix)


-3- Colmán


-4- Mainchín (Mannix), Bercan


-5- Colmán, Seanán (Senan)


-6- Beirchart, Colmán, Neasán, Meallán


-7- Buite


-8- Fionán, Breandán (Brendan)


-9- Feidhelm (Fidelma) Mughain Budoc


-10- Colmán, Scannlach


-11- Colm, Eiltín


-12- Finnén (Finian), Dúinseach


-13- Colm, Breandán (Brendan), Cormac


-14- Eirnín, Colmán, Fionntán (Fintan), Cormac


-15- Cronan, Colmán, Flann, Mughain 

-16- Beoc


-17- Díochú, Díocuill


-18- Comyn, Flannán, Colmán, Seanán (Senan), Ríonach (Riona), Éimhín (Evin), Séanait


-19- Samhthann


-20- Diarmaid (Dermot), Eoghan, Fedhlimid (Felimy), Eoghanán


-21- Flann


-22- Ultan, Éimhín (Evin), Abban


-23- Eirnín, Colmán, Rónán, Fedhlimid (Fidelma)


-24- Comyn, Seanán (Senan), Maolmhuire, Mochua


-25- Aodhán (Aidan)


-26- Comán, Iarfhlaith (Iarla/Jarlath), Laisreán


-27- Colmán, Fiach


-28- Cillén (Killian), Feichín


-29- Mainchín (Mannix), Maodhóg




-31- Éanna


District III Hibernian of the Year Dinner

District III Hibernian of the Year Dinner and Christmas Party – Hosted by Bobby Sands Division 1 

Saturday, December 1, 2012 


 Knights of Columbus

145 Peach Street, Harrisburg, PA 17112 

We welcome all AOH and LAOH divisions in our district to attend and present your award.  Anyone outside of District III is also welcome to join us — the more the merrier.  If you will be presenting an award please let Tim Carley know; we look forward to a fantastic night! 

  • ·         Cocktail hour will begin at 6:30 P.M. and dinner will be served at 7:30 P.M. The Hibernian of Year Awards will be presented following our meal. 
  • ·         Buffet will include carved Turkey, Roast Beef and Meatless Lasagna, along with vegetables, salad, dessert, iced tea and coffee. 
  • ·         Entertainment by Barby Holder, who entrances her audiences with arrangements of traditional folk, country and Celtic music. 
  • ·         Complimentary ½ keg of Lager beer will be available, in addition to a cash bar for other beers or mixed drinks.  
  • ·         Ticket cost is $25 per person postmarked on or before November 7, 2012 and $28 per person thereafter.  Please reserve your seat early!  We must stop taking reservations on November 28th. 
  • ·         Questions regarding the dinner or cancelation of the dinner due to weather should be directed to Tim Carley at Tele. No. 717-921-3262, e-mail: 

Please Note: 

  1. If District III HOY dinner is cancelled, due to bad weather or other incident, we will reschedule the event.  If you cannot make the rescheduled date, your check will be refunded.
  2. If bad weather prevents this event from happening, I will e-mail those who left an e-mail address or call those that do not have an e-mail address by NOON, Saturday December 1, 2012.  If you need to call me, please double check.  Let’s hope this will not be necessary!!
  3. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 3 business days prior to the event.  Any cancelations after this date will not be refunded.  Sorry, but we commit to the caterer and will be responsible for all reservations made as of the non-cancelation date. 

Please send this reservation form to

Timothy F. Carley, Division 1 Dinner Chairman 

District III Hibernian of Year Awards Dinner Reservation Form 

Name(you and guest):


E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


Division You Represent: _______________________________________________________________


Phone/Cell number: ___________________________________________________________________


All checks should be made payable to the Dauphin County AOH.  Dinner reservations and ticket payment should be mailed to:


Timothy F. Carley

417 Fried Drive

Dauphin, PA  17018