From Carlisle Sunday Sentinel 9/21/2014
The celtic cross above Brigadier General William Thompson’s gave site in the Old Graveyard, Carlisle.

Object: Celtic cross

Jason Malmont / The Sentinel
Jason Malmont / The Sentinel

What it represents: Cumberland County settlement by Scots-Irish immigrants around 1730

CARLISLE — The Celtic cross — a cross over a circle — has deep roots in Ireland and is prominently displayed on Brigadier Gen. William Thompson’s grave at the Old Graveyard in Carlisle.

The cross, which is believed to have been created by St. Patrick, has been dated as far back as 5000 BC.

Thompson was born in Ireland in 1736 and emigrated to Pennsylvania. During the French and Indian War, he served as a captain of a troop of mounted militia. He was also named the first colonel of the “Army of the United Colonies” during the Revolutionary War.

The Scots-Irish immigrants are some of the original settlers of Cumberland County. One of those was William Irvine, who represented Cumberland County in the U.S. Congress and commanded the Pennsylvania troops George Washington ton had mustered in Carlisle for the suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion. Later, Irvine became one of nine charter trustees of a school in Carlisle that became Dickinson College.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians was formed in the 19th century at a time when there was widespread prejudice towards Irish Catholics. To this day, the organization advocates religious tolerance as its members work to preserve Irish heritage.

Closer to home, the Carlisle-based chapter of the Order split from a chapter based in New Cumberland in 1999 and quickly took Thompson’s name.

During the Revolutionary War, Thompson formed a unit of riflemen made up primarily of Irishmen from the Midstate, who became known as “The Irish Line,” and it is said that the shot that ended the war was fired by one of the Pennsylvania riflemen.

Every September, members of the local AOH chapter gather at his grave to pay homage to their namesake and his contributions to history.

A Tribute to Thompson

Jason Malmont/The Sentinel Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Gen. William Thompson Division, honor the fallen general at his gravesite Wednesday evening at the Old Graveyard, Carlisle. From left to right, Sean Kane, Bill Irwin, Jim Jones, and Ed Gallagher.
Jason Malmont/The Sentinel
Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Gen. William Thompson Division, honor the fallen general at his gravesite Wednesday evening at the Old Graveyard, Carlisle. From left to right, Sean Kane, Bill Irwin, Jim Jones, and Ed Gallagher.

Prayers to Our Lady of Knock


Sé do bheath’ a Mhuire, atá lán de ghrásta, tá an Tiarna leat.
Is beannaithe thú idir mná agus is beannaithe toradh do bhruinne losa.
A Naomh Mhuire, a mháthair Dé, guí orainn na peacaithe, anois is ar uair ar mbás.

Eleventh Century Irish Litany of Mary

Great Mary,
Greatest of Marys,
Greatest of Women,
Mother of Eternal Glory,
Mother of the Golden Light,
Honor of the Sky,
Temple of the Divinity,
Fountain of the Gardens,
Serence as the Moon,
Bright as the Sun,
Garden Enclosed,
Temple of the Living God,
Light of Nazareth,
Beauty of the World,
Queen of Life,
Ladder of Heaven,
Mother of God.

Pray for us.

Irish Saints for August

August 1,Saint Pellegrino delle Alpi di Garfagnana
August 2,Saint Comgan the Culdee
August 3,Saint Trea of Ardtrea/Saint Deirbhile of Erris
August 4,Saint Molua of Clonfert-Molua/Saint Midnat of Killucan
August 5,Saint Abel of Belgium
August 6,Saint Mochua of Clondalkin
August 7,Saint Cronan of Moville
August 8,Saint Daire
August 9,Saint Nathy of Achonry
August 10,Saint Cuimmin of Drumbo
August 11,Saint Attracta of Killaraght
August 12,Saint Ségéne of Iona
August 13,Saint Brigid of Cluain-diolama
August 14,Saint Fachtna of Ross
August 15,The Daughters of Carpre
August 16,Saint Lughan
August 17,Saint Eóin MacCarlain
August 18,Saint Daigh of Iniskeen
August 19,Saint Mochta of Louth
August 20,Saint Lassar of Cill Arcalgach
August 21,Saint Senach of Clonard
August 22,Saint Andrew of Fiesole
August 23,Saint Eugene of Ardstraw
August 24,Sen Patrick
August 25,Saint Sillan of Moville
August 26,Saint Aireid of Ardrinnigh
August 27,Blessed Maelbrigid of Armagh
August 28,Saint Feidhlimidh of Munster
August 29,Saint Winoc of Rath-Espuic-Innic
August 30,Saint Fiachre of Brieul
August 31,Saint Sessan of Ath-omna

Our Lady of Knock Mass

Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland, made her appearance at the rear gable of a humble Catholic Church in Knock Ireland on August 21, 1879, but she was not alone. As a gentle Irish rain fell on the muddy fields and as the farmers were returning from a long day of work in the field, Mary appeared with a bright light surrounding her and the rest of the apparition. Mary was joined by St. Joseph on her right, and St. John, the Evangelist on her left. Further to her left was an altar and upon that altar was a lamb and a cross; surrounding the lamb was a host of heavenly angels. Brought to you by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, an Irish Catholic Organization formed to protect the Roman Catholic Clergy which now focuses on our faith and heritage. We will be attending our annual Mass for our deceased members and their families on the newly designated feast day of Our Lady of Knock, the 17th of August, at the St. Eleanor Regina Chapel at 1130 AM.
We will have information and a dish to pass picnic luncheon after the Mass and encourage members of the Parish to attend and participate and meet our members and their families. We will also distribute Holy Cards depicting the event at all Masses on this special day. Any questions, please call Tom Kane 249-0089.