Irish Saints for August

August 1,Saint Pellegrino delle Alpi di Garfagnana
August 2,Saint Comgan the Culdee
August 3,Saint Trea of Ardtrea/Saint Deirbhile of Erris
August 4,Saint Molua of Clonfert-Molua/Saint Midnat of Killucan
August 5,Saint Abel of Belgium
August 6,Saint Mochua of Clondalkin
August 7,Saint Cronan of Moville
August 8,Saint Daire
August 9,Saint Nathy of Achonry
August 10,Saint Cuimmin of Drumbo
August 11,Saint Attracta of Killaraght
August 12,Saint Ségéne of Iona
August 13,Saint Brigid of Cluain-diolama
August 14,Saint Fachtna of Ross
August 15,The Daughters of Carpre
August 16,Saint Lughan
August 17,Saint Eóin MacCarlain
August 18,Saint Daigh of Iniskeen
August 19,Saint Mochta of Louth
August 20,Saint Lassar of Cill Arcalgach
August 21,Saint Senach of Clonard
August 22,Saint Andrew of Fiesole
August 23,Saint Eugene of Ardstraw
August 24,Sen Patrick
August 25,Saint Sillan of Moville
August 26,Saint Aireid of Ardrinnigh
August 27,Blessed Maelbrigid of Armagh
August 28,Saint Feidhlimidh of Munster
August 29,Saint Winoc of Rath-Espuic-Innic
August 30,Saint Fiachre of Brieul
August 31,Saint Sessan of Ath-omna

Our Lady of Knock Mass

Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland, made her appearance at the rear gable of a humble Catholic Church in Knock Ireland on August 21, 1879, but she was not alone. As a gentle Irish rain fell on the muddy fields and as the farmers were returning from a long day of work in the field, Mary appeared with a bright light surrounding her and the rest of the apparition. Mary was joined by St. Joseph on her right, and St. John, the Evangelist on her left. Further to her left was an altar and upon that altar was a lamb and a cross; surrounding the lamb was a host of heavenly angels. Brought to you by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, an Irish Catholic Organization formed to protect the Roman Catholic Clergy which now focuses on our faith and heritage. We will be attending our annual Mass for our deceased members and their families on the newly designated feast day of Our Lady of Knock, the 17th of August, at the St. Eleanor Regina Chapel at 1130 AM.
We will have information and a dish to pass picnic luncheon after the Mass and encourage members of the Parish to attend and participate and meet our members and their families. We will also distribute Holy Cards depicting the event at all Masses on this special day. Any questions, please call Tom Kane 249-0089.

Our Lady of Knock-August 17


In one month, The Feast of Our Lady of Knock will be celebrated on August 17. (with the actual visitation Occuring on August 21). We invite you to join with us as we celebrate our Catholic-Irish heritage and our love of the Blessed Mother. August 17, 2014 11:30 Mass at the Saint Elanor Regina Chapel (the Chapel in the woods)


Directions from Saint Patrick Church on Marsh Drive:

1. Turn right out of Marsh Drive, heading south on Holly Pike. Continue to follow PA-34 for 7.3 miles.
2. Once through Mount Holly and reach the Ahlstrom factory, make sure you keep right and don’t go up the hill. Follow the signs for PA-34.
3. Make a slight right onto Green Mountain road for 0.7 miles.
4. Head forward onto Pine Grove Road. Follow for 6.7 miles.
5. Turn right onto PA-233/Centerville Road for 1.1 miles.
6. Saint Eleanor Regina Chapel is on the left. Be sure to turn in BEFORE you see the large white sign.

Irish Saints for June





Irish Saints of June

June 1Saint Cronan of Lismore 


June 2Saint Aldegisius of Hannonia 


June 3Saint Affine of Kilaffan 


June 4Saint Ernin of Cluain 


June 5Saint Eoban of Utrecht 


June 6Saint Cocca of Kilcock 


June 7Saint Colman of Dromore 


June 8Saint Luathrenna of Kill Luathrenn 


June 9Saint Colum Cille of Iona 


June 10Saint Illadan of Rathlihen 


June 11Saint Riagail of Bangor 


June 12Saint Cunera 


June 13Saint Mac Nissi of Clonmacnoise 


June 14Saint Nem of Aran 


June 15Saint Beoc of Wexford 


June 16Saint Aitheachan of Colpe 


June 17Saint Moling Luachra 


June 18Saint Colman, Son of Mici 


June 19Saint Deodatus of Nevers 


June 20Saint Faolan of Srathearn 


June 21Saint Suibhne of Armagh 


June 22Saint Cronan of Ferns 


June 23Saint Mochaoi of Nendrum 


June 24Saint Rumoldus of Dublin 


June 25Saint Sincheall of Killeigh 


June 26Saint Soadbair 


June 27Saint Dimman 


June 28Saint Bigsech of Killbixy 


June 29Saint Cocca of Ros-Bennchuir 


June 30Saint Erentrude of Nunberg


Parade kicked off

Gen. Wm. Thompson Honor Guard leads the AOH/Irish Division of the 2013 Saint Patrick's Day in Harrisburg PHOTO by DAVE THOMAS
Despite the weather the Harrisburg Saint Patrick’s Day Parade kicked off at 2:00 and was considered a success.  The General William Thompson Division provided the honor guard for the 1st division, the Irish and AOH division for the parade, photo coverege of the event was provided by our Associate member, Dave Thomas.
Perhaps even more important was the celebration of the Mass at 10:00 at Saint Lawrence Chapel, celebrated by Father Clark with Jacquie Turk providing her rendition of “Our Lady of Knock”.  Father commented how people come to this Mass just to hear her sing.
The Division Honor Guard four strong provided escort for the Mass Celebrants in the chapel.
The perfect way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.  Giving thanks and praise.